A reminder regarding our upcoming membership recruitment and renewal period. No matter the date you joined, ALL TSM members must renew their membership annually. THESE MEMBERSHIP/MEDICAL FORMS PROVIDE TSM WITH LIABILITY INSURANCE FOR PROGRAMS. New membership cards will be distributed to all members. Upon receipt of your membership/medical release form and $25* annual fee, you will receive a membership confirmation and begin receiving member information.

*The $25 will help offset a portion of our ongoing operating expenses including membership to our national organization, insurances, storage/maintenance of equipment, website hosting, postal services, etc. and allow us to continue to offer the variety of programming we enjoy.

*NO MEMBER will be turned away due to financial hardship. Let us know if you need special consideration.

DownloadTSM, Inc. Membership Form
Download and complete the application and have it signed by your doctor.

Return form and check to:
TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc.
P.O. Box 46603
Madison, WI 53744-6603

TSM Program Scholarship Policy

TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc. (TSM) will award to any current TSM member up to 80% of the cost (not to exceed $200 per calendar year) for any TEAMSurvivor sponsored event or class. This can include, but is not limited to TSM exercise classes, event (dragon boat festival, triathlon, run/walk) registration fees, bus transportation. TSM will not cover the cost of food or lodging. If you are interested, request an application by sending an e-mail to: teamsurvivormadison@yahoo.com

TSM Fitbit Group

Gail Bliss has started a TEAMSurvivor FitbIt group. The idea of the group is to help motivate each other to keep being active. The group is private so you have to be invited to join the group. The group will see only what you set for the group to see. What we see presently is the steps only of the groups 5 members. Steps for the last 7 calendar days are posted along with the number of active minutes. Send a request to Gail (gail3511@gmail.com) or myself (Susan Reed, greed@chorus.net)) and we will send you an invitation. Follow the instructions on the email, log into your dashboard and click on the “community” tab to see TEAMSurvivor Madison (WI). Click on that to see the members and their steps! We can set up challenges as added little incentives to stay active!

Padding Season Underway!

May 2nd - on land practice.
May 9th - on water


Be ready to start at 6pm. We encourage any member, no matter how they judge their skill set, to participate in this program. The goals of this program are to build your strength through a team sport. We do practice with the intent of increasing our skills and for some, prepared for regional festivals. Keep in mind that we are all survivors and are winners, no matter how fast or slow our boat goes. There is a magic moment when we all work together in unison and move that big heavy boat through the water. For a number of us - that's one of the reasons we paddle.

A refresher on the Inclement Weather Protocol for paddling. Check Rutabaga's weather hotline (608-310-3868) after 3pm and if it's cancelled by that time there will be a message. If no message, then come - but it can still be cancelled if a thunderstorm is imminent when we gather and if that happens, then we'll have an early Red Robin.

On Land Committee Updates

Fitness Classes
The Summer UW Sports Medicine Science Drive, Karen's Frolic exercise session has two more classes. You can drop in on Mondays, July 7 and July 16, 5:30-6:30pm, to give it a try. There is no class July 2. Bring a water bottle and comfortable exercise shoes and clothing. We meet at the door and let each other in while doing the first early warm ups walking the inside track.

Survey Results
The on-land committee sent an email survey on types of activities. Thanks to all who completed the survey. Respondents indicated that they are interested in a Monday night biking option, some group rides, relay triathlon, and a beginning swim lesson too. Watch for emails about some of these opportunities as the summer progresses.

Alphornman Triathlon - August 5
Thanks to the members who have replied and indicated an interest in participating in a relay team for the New Glarus Alphornman Triathlon on Sunday, August 5th! (Check the email from 6/23/18 for full details). As part of a relay team, you get to do what you love! If you are interested, please choose the swim (It's in a POOL!), the bike, or the walk/run (YES, you can walk). For details on the activities, course, etc., visit their web site: http://www.newglarusalphornman.com/

The Alphornman Triathlon
Sunday, August 5, 2018
New Glarus, Wisconsin
Registration fees include a discount from the event organizer and a subsidy from the TSM program fund. The final cost:
Relay Team: $60 ($20 for each person)
Individual: $50
The TSM subsidy will be provided as a rebate after members have registered.
All members are encouraged to participate. Let us know if you need special financial consideration or assistance.
Participants receive a tech t-shirt and ticket to the festival

Monday night biking starting after our Fitness Class series ends mid July. Watch your email for details!

Bike and Hike for Hotcakes - Save-the-Date - September 30 - Riley Tavern, Fundraiser for TSM

Dragon Boat Festivals

Part of the fun of being a dragon boating to particapte in dragon boat festivals. We have been participating in festivals since 2003. It becomes one of the highlights of the summer. We race, we have great potlucks and enjoy the commradere of fellow paddlers. Family and friends are always welcome to join us!

July 28th - Chicago International Dragon Boat Festival
August 11th - Milwaukee Dragon Boat Festival
September 7-9 - Louisville Dragon Boat Festival

Horrible Hilly Hundred Bike Ride

Thanks to TSM members and friends who volunteered at this years Horrible Hill Hundred Bike ride.

Carbone Article highlights TSM
UW Carbone Cancer Center published an article entitled "Exercise Tips for Cancer Survivors" in its online newsletter, "Advances." UW Sports Medicine Fitness Center and TEAMSurvivor were interviewed for this article. Check it out! https://www.uwhealth.org/health-wellness/exercise-tips-for-cancer-survivors/52018 You can subscribe to their monthly newsletter at http://www.uwhealth.org/cancernews


What’s your favorite fitness? If you have a fitness opportunity or event that you participate in, plan to register for, and is available for fellow members, family, or friends to participate in, please forward it and we'll share it with members.

Gilda's Club - Madison
Register at www.gildasclubmadison.org
Ongoing Fitness
Tuesdays, 10-11:15 a.m. - Joyful Yoga
Wednesdays, 11 a.m.-12 p.m. - Relaxation & Guided Imagery
Wednesday, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. - Drop-in Needle People
Wednesdays, 6-7:15 p.m. - Gentle Yoga

Why Not Ask!

As an all volunteer, member-driven, and member-led organization, we look to you to help brainstorm or solve a current need. The best way to find out if you can help, is to ask. Current needs for the organization:

Business services for the TSM office. Do you know a local business/data/internet provider that may be willing to donate or offer reduced rate services? Does your employer offer something like this to non-profits? This would allow TSM to set-up business operations at our office.

If you have leads on any of the above, please email TEAMSurvivor with details. THANKS!

TSM has a Facebook Page!

TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc. is now on Facebook. Become a friend, share pictures & video, check for events and more! To view our page, click on http://www.facebook.com/pages/TEAMSurvivor-Madison/227994469631

TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc. is committed to providing a variety of fitness activities for its members. Membership is required to participate in all activities.

We invite you experience the fun of fitness!

Join TEAMSurvivor Madison, Inc. to receive details on weekly events, calendar updates, news and announcements.

Program Possibilities are Endless!
TSM members have expressed interest in trying new activities such as sledding, pickle ball, volleyball and a night of Wii. If you'd like to coordinate and host a TSM, Inc. activity, we invite you to contact us and assist with the details. We'll help by spreading the word to the membership.

Let us know if a TSM member or the organization is highlighted in a publication or on the news.